Building a new ENVIRONMENT takes time, takes practice, patience, and requires Grit! But we will discuss Grit another time.
This week let us focus on a few Core Values that you want to instill in your children and your family, which will, in turn, help you build the value-based environment you need.
Here is a Value-based assessment that you can take along with your spouse / other caregivers to find a common ground.

There is a saying “A high IQ can get you a job, but a high EQ will
keep you on the Job.” Coursera presented the Top 10 in-focus
skills in the World Economic Forum in 2020, they also presented
the Top 10 in-focus skills in the year 2019. Of the top 10, four of
the 10 in-focus skills in 2020 are Kindness, Gratitude, Meditation,
Mindfulness and this has changed in a span of year, which brings
us to a very important question, “Do we need to re-look at the
skills we are teaching our children?”

India has a very rich culture, but Indians adopt a ‘do-it-my-own-way’ approach to nurturing this culture and life in general, which is misinterpreted as “power” or “aggression” as a solution. I know you need proof, please watch the news on the TV. The prime time hour on most Indian news channels these days always debate crimes, or hypocrisy, deceit, violence, and all the gruesomeness that exists, as opposed to Compassion, Kindness, Ethics and Humility teach life and goodness. Let me ask, “Is there a movie that can be made without an act of aggression or violence in it, including comedy movies, and if there is, would we enjoy it as much as a movie with a hint of violence and manipulation?”

This brings me back to Gabbar Singh, and why we as an audience chose him as the number ONE favorite Bollywood Character Let us Choose wisely, before it is too Late!