k-12 Solutions

Academic Delivery

AZVASA Content Delivery is compliant with the NEP 2020 and caters to the latest norms. Simple and easy-to-use solutions make it easy to implement resulting in quick adaption.

Programs offered include Academic Excellence through competent and data-driven analysis with scope for differential learning. Our Unique Enrichment module ensures teachers cater to the different levels of learners through unique and effective strategies, Azvasa also offers programs to empower schools to focus on core competency and with the integration of skills and value.

Azvasa Education Services will provide the services to manage academic delivery through

Our custom designed Academic Excellence CBSE Curriculum for K-12

Our custom designed Enrichment programs in English, Math and Science

English reading and comprehension program for early development of child till second standard

Recruitment and training the teachers

Well planned lesson plans integrated with core values

Well designed and developed Academic & Management Dashboard, Effective tracking tool and Data Analysis

Target to reach 85% of children to reach grade level or above by end of the year

Growth of the school

Providing strong foundation for the academic delivery & excellence