Education sector has to be an ever-evolving sector, to keep the learners prepared and ahead of time. The academic year 2020, will be earmarked in the field of education, for bringing about a change in the education system, through two major developments. The first being the pandemic that changed the mode of delivery and learning and the second being the National Education Policy -2020, which is bringing about a change in what to deliver and learn, making the education system child-friendly.

“Life throws challenges, and every challenge comes with rainbows and lights to conquer it”- Amit Ray. This is exactly what we at Azvasa also strongly believe in, Converting every challenge into an opportunity.

We have developed a comprehensive Learning Management System, which has all the resources for required for content delivery, reinforcement, evaluation, analysis of student performance, continuous professional development of the educators. We proudly share that we have thought ahead of time and have developed the LMS to cater to the 21st Century teaching and learning scenario. The platform is dynamic and keeps evolving to ensure that we offer the best to educators and learners. With the NEP and CBSE guidelines working towards bringing about a shift in the education pattern, we have scaffolded our platform and have the resources prerequisite for the same, in the form of:

Competency-based questions

With an aim of preparing the students for the future, we have a rich repository of questions focusing on developing the competency of the students. Case studies are one of the best methods of developing competency skills in students. We have a rich repository of case studies from Grades 8-10. Although the CBSE recommendation of case study is from Grade 9, we believe in preparing the students ahead in time, so that they are able to adapt to the changes easily. Hence we have the case studies introduced in Grade 8 on our LMS platform. These case studies have questions based on Local, Global, and inferential. We strongly discourage rote learning and are rightly aligned with the NEP guidelines in ensuring that there is concept clarity. Competency development is possible only when the learners have an in-depth understanding of concepts. We achieve this through the vertical progression model.

Vertical Progression

The learning material on our platform is mapped to the concept tree, ensuring that the concepts are clear before proceeding further. The concept tree ensures that the students climb up the ladder, by taking one step at a time. The concepts are mapped from Grade 10 to the Primary grades which ensure that there is an in-depth understanding of the concepts. The interdisciplinary approach that we follow ensures that the students are honing their academic understanding along with skills developed and values as emphasized in the NEP guidelines.

Enhanced Learning Outcomes-

Students learn better when they are inclined to learn. As educators our opportunities to elicit change and spur creativity are endless. Our platform has self-explanatory, interactive revision modules after every chapter, with concepts reinforced through concept map, infographics, Venn diagrams. These revision modules enhance the understanding of the students and the teachers can keep a tab on their progress through the quiz, which is skill-based and of the formative pattern.

Mobile App-

 Education is now all about empowering the learner not just through style but also through access. We have a mobile app for the students, making the learning resources available at their fingertips. The mobile app can be accessed through any smartphone and makes learning seamless for the students.

We have seen a shift in student performance and teacher effectiveness in the schools that have implemented our LMS. Our services are spread across the country, and we are ever willing to extend our services to more and more schools to raise the standard of education.